One in 1000

one in 1000-pitch


We’re looking for 1000 good people to help us buy 5000 new books for the new library.
We hope you’ll be one of them.

Are you one in a thousand? The Powell River Friends of the Library is looking for 1000 people in the region to contribute $100 each to help fill the new Library with books, CDs, audiobooks, DVDs, and more, so that when the doors open we will have a bigger and better collection of materials for patrons to borrow.

Yes, I am one in a thousand!

Do you know, if you borrow only one book and one DVD each month, the annual cash value of that service is estimated at $252!? And that doesn’t begin to include all of the other services your public Library offers free of charge to everyone in the region: internet access, computer workshops, inter-library loans, Storytime for kids, assistance with research projects and job-hunting, and so much more.

If you’re a regular user of the Powell River Public Library, you know how valuable it is to have a place in the community where people can access these resources free of charge. Now we’re asking you to step up and take part in our effort to make the opening-day collection a knockout.

$100 can be donated in one of several ways. At the Library, make your cheque payable to the PR Library. Donating $100 means you are eligible to receive 5 bookplates! Fill out the bookmarks, available on the Friends of the Library Book Cart. Include those with your cheque (or cash) indicating in whose name you would like each bookplate. Fit all of this in the envelope provided, and deposit in the Book Cart money box. It is monitored several times weekly.  Another option is to donate to the Friends of the Library account at the Credit Union, where the contact information for the donor will be noted. You may also use the donate button on the “Pump Up the Volumes” page of the Powell River Public Library. We acknowledge all donations and issue tax receipts for any amount of $25 or more.

Remember, all it takes is a modest donation of $100 to be one in a thousand!